King Solomon’s Mines by Sir Henry Rider Haggard



King Solomon’s Mines by Sir Henry Rider Haggard is an interesting story that will leave you hanging on to every last word. Sir Haggard has written in such a captivating way that every reasonable book critic would agree that it deserves five stars. Every character is either good or evil. For e.g. take Gogool, a witch-doctor hag who has lived for hundreds of years. She was definitely on the evil end of spectrum. But enough talking..let’s get on with the story!

King Solomon’s Mines is a story about an elephant killer and trader Allan Quatermainin in Africa.He was on a streamer to Natal when he meets Sir Henry Curtis and Captain Good(not the captain of the ship!!). Allan knows the secret of the treasure hidden in Solomon mountains ( he doesn’t know where it is though). He told them because Sir Henry’s brother George aka Neville, went looking for them for years and had not returned since. So, they decided to go to the mountains to look for Neville and the treasure. They hired three servants, one of them was Umbopa who was actually Ignosi, the true heir to the throne of the Zulu tribe. Will they succeed in their mission of finding Neville, the treasure and securing Ignosi’s throne from Twala the evil King? You have to read it to find out!

I hope you liked my review. The book i chose to write a review on my blog is so awesome and it would be so cool if you read it. It is one of my favourites.

P.S. Don’t be evil like Gogool. Ultimately she died in the end of the story. 🙂