Artemis Fowl & the Arctic Incident:Book 2 By Eoin Colfer

eoin colder artemis fowl

I am so glad that I continued with the series because this book is super good. I really like the first book in the series but this 2nd book transported me in a whole new world. I really wanted to know how it ended and at the same time I didn’t want it end! But hey. I bet you are dying to know what’s the story like…so here  it goes..

Haven, the fairy city, has started being frequently attacked by Goblins. They are becoming more and more rebellious and are using outlawed dangerous guns called Softnoses. Pathetic name, I know, but really dangerous guns. And to top it all, these guns are powered by human  AAA batteries which means that there is a human involved at the end of the deal. It means that someone know about the existence of fairies. As suspected, all finger point towards Artemis Fowl since he is the only human who knows about the fairies.

But for once, he is not the culprit. He is just trying to get his father back from Russia where the Russian mafia has captured him after the Fowl Star exploded in the Bay of Kola.

Anyway, when the fairies realize that Artemis is not behind these Goblins attack, they decide to co-operate with each other. Artemis will help them with their Goblin issue and they will in turn help him in the rescue of his father.

Now Artemis and fairies have to find out who is behind Goblins attack… I won’t tell you more.. Read the book to find out how interesting it gets from here…

I loved this book. I know I have said this many times…but still.It’s written in such an absorbing way that it keeps you hooked until you finish it. I actually liked it better than the first book since in this book, Artemis is actually a  much more nicer person  and in Holly Short’s words…

” Under those layers of deviousness, there is a spark of decency. Perhaps you could blow in that spark some times.”

In the first book, he was a gold obsessed person an in this version he is so much better. Earlier it was more like a waiting game with the LEP sending in stuff like a troll, bio-bombs and  farting dwarf etc. In this book it was more hands on action and Artemis in in the thick of it.

Action and drama are the words that describe Eoin Colfer’s book in the nutshell. Any adult, teen, child with little taste of Science fiction and fantasy will and should love this. It has also got great humour as well. Love it.!

2 thoughts on “Artemis Fowl & the Arctic Incident:Book 2 By Eoin Colfer

  1. Rajesh kumar

    Love reading your reviews Kavya..I know I m not going to be able to read this book.. therefore I am glad to get my share of story from this super review..thanks.will definitely pass on this temptation to my kids and their friends…they must surely fall for this book.


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