Artemis Fowl & the Opal Deception #Book-4 By Eoin Colfer

Hi Guys!

So today, I shall be reviewing Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception, the fourth book in the Artemis Fowl series. This book is really nicely written by Eoin Colfer. It is the right blend of action, humor and drama. I personally loved this book. Hope every upcoming in this series is as good. Ok, enough talk. I bet you are dying to know what happens in this story. Well, it all started like this…

DOLLY (1 of 1)-37

The evil pixie Opal Koboi is back, and with plans of world domination. NOT GOOD!!! She is supposed to be in coma in the J. Argon clinic, as a prisoner in a medical faculty. However, she had a backup plan waiting just in case she gets arrested and taken prisoner. ( she was paranoid, but hey, being a criminal what would you expect?). Her backup was…..a clone of herself!! Her idea was great. Now her aim was to expose the fairies and start a war with them with a simple yet brilliant plan.

She is now scot free owing to a daring escape from the clinic replacing herself with her clone!

Only one fairy knew about her escape plan and that was Holly Short who was  an exceptional officer of LEP. Holly Short was actually considered fugitive now because Opal Koboi got her framed  for a attack on her commander which was executed by Koboi herself.

Her only hope is now Artemis Fowl but he has actually gone back to his criminal ways and doesn’t believe in existence of fairies now. Things could not be any worse. Or that’s what she think. She and Artemis gets kidnapped and are involved in a fierce battle with the trolls. Can they get out of this alive, and foil Koboi’s plan?

Oh my! I mean this series getting better and better. YES!! This is brilliant. The elaborate plot is laid out so very well and this book is filled with more thrills than the cheese riddled with the holes. It is written from 3 or four different point of views which is good. Had it been written from a single point of view, you would have been clueless. as you need various angles to understand the story and the sequence of events.

Also, the farting dwarf and Mulch Diggums again appear in the book, which adds quite a lot of humour to this book.Both the villain the chances nicely. The author describes the adventures so well that you are transported to the action scene and are fighting trolls and whatnot yourself! Also the advance technology used by fairies is really creative and futuristic, which I liked. I hope, i get to read and review all the books in the series…..

Till then , Happy reading! Ciao!

5 star read.