Lockwood & Co -The creeping shadow( Book-4).

This review is about the fourth book in the ‘Lockwood and Co.’ series, ‘The Creeping Shadow’. This is an amazing book in an awesome series, which is not well known enough. I love this series. Well, anyway, it all happened like this…..

Lucy Carlyle – a talented girl who can hear ghosts, formerly employed at Lockwood and Co. agency, is now a freelance agent after the incident in Aickmere Brothers department store. She is now working with any agency that needs her help – Rotwell, Grimble and all the rest. She lives in her own apartment with a skull in a jar. Yes, that’s right. She has a phantom in a jar – a ghost who can talk, which is rare for a ghost, and Lucy is the only living person who can hear and talk to it. One day, out of the blue, Lockwood turns up. He needs her help with an important job, an assignment given by Penelope Fittes, one of the most important people in London and head of the extremely prominent Fittes agency. An assignment involving the ghost of a murdering cannibal. Lucy agrees. After some considerable work, they manage to find the ghost’s source and safely dispose it off. Or so they think….

The next day, someone steals Lucy’s friend – the phantom in the jar. On top of it, she finds out that all the ghosts the agencies think are being safely disposed off, are actually being stolen and used in black market auctions. This going on for some months. Someone she used to trust, turned out to be a turncoat, and is part of the theft. After a narrow escape from attempted murder by the thieves, she goes to Lockwood and Co. Her true friends. They then find out; this whole thing is far more complex than it seems. They receive a distress call from the village of Aldbury Castle. The village is being plagued by ghosts, and they ask Lockwood and Co to help them. Can they rescue the skull, stop the auctions and help the village, all in time? They will fight against unsuspected enemies, and take the help of unexpected allies, and find out that this whole thing is interconnected somehow. Can Lockwood and Co. save the day?

This book is so good! I couldn’t put it down! This series is really underrated. It definitely deserves to be as famous as Harry Potter. With subtle, sarcastic humour and an intricate plot, this book keeps you hooked. The fantastic style of writing of this book is paired with an interesting story. All the scenes are really well described. It may seem a bit scary, but it’s more like mysteries, but with ghosts. The skull’s ghost is definitely one of the best characters. This is a one-of-a-kind series. All in all, this is one nice fat book that will keep you engrossed. This series is perfect for those who like creepy mysteries. It is original, imaginative but also quite realistic. You’ll see the plot taking place in a world that really isn’t that different from our own. I found it fun to see the book version of our world. You can reread these books, over and over, and not get tired of them. In short – I loved this book because everything is good about it! It is a captivating, beautifully written book, that is perfect for ages 9+. Everyone should read this series, it is amazing!

I give this book 5 stars!

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