Keeper of the Lost Cities #Book-7 By Shannon Messenger.

Keeper of the Lost Cities #7 – Flashback
by Shannon Messenger

This review is about the 7th book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Flashback. It is an awesome book in a fabulous series. It has a great plot concept and nice style of writing. I really like this series, especially this book. Well, anyways, it all happened like this……

After Alvar Vacker (a traitor and murderer) was captured during the raid on the facility of Nightfall, he has lost his memories, and now has to be sentenced for his involvement in the rebel group Neverseen’s plans. The final verdict – Alvar will return to his family’s home Everglen on house arrest for some months. However, not everyone feels that this is a wise decision, especially few from his family. Whether this is a mistake or not, remains to be seen. A few days later, Sophie and Fitz are attacked by the members of the Neverseen, but they managed to escape but just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, not without injuries. They were hurt by a mysterious shadowy weapon called Shadowflux, and it will take them a while to recover. They need to learn more about this shadow force, and now they are even more determined to foil the Neverseen’s plans, but the problem is that they never seem to realize their plans until it is too late. So, time to be more vigilant. Time to rearrange their priorities, to keep an eye on their enemies, old and new. Time to defend themselves from the Neverseen’s attacks. Maybe even talk to old enemies.
Now, with the alicorn babies (the last of their kind) in grave danger, and an attack on Everglen with some bloodthirsty trolls, can they save everyone they love? Another betrayal and sacrifice follow……

Join Sophie and her friends on their quest to save their world……

This book is even better than the previous books in this series, with its extremely dangerous climax and an ending cliff-hanger. Shannon Messenger is an amazing writer who can make you feel like you are in the character’s shoes yourself. A fantastic book in an amazing series. I really loved this book. It has amazing descriptions, adventure filled situations and touching moments. An imaginative, fantastical series that will leave you wishing for the next book. With its beautiful, touching style of writing, it captures the attention of book lovers. I think that this is one of the best series I have ever read. My favourite characters in this book were probably Elwin and Dex. This series is really good for those who liked Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle and Percy Jackson. It is incredible, one of a kind and an outstanding series in general. I rate this book for 10+. Its genre is fantasy/adventure. I found this the best book in the series, it is really action packed!
With its great plot and characters, an excellent book.
I give it 5 stars!

My Top 5 Favourite Series.

My Top Five Favourite Book Series

1.Lockwood & Co. by Jonathan Stroud

At the time, England was afflicted by an enormous epidemic of ghosts, had been so since decades. The only people who could see or hear them were children. No adult could do so. However, the ghosts can only appear after dark, and they are tied to a Source, something they deeply cared about or hated in life. All the kids who can sense ghost are employed by agencies, and their job is to eradicate the ghosts. It isn’t an easy job, but a necessary one. 15-yr-old Lucy Carlyle was born in a tiny town in northern England, where she grew up in the company of her six sisters and her friends. She had excellent hearing and decent sight for ghosts. She catches a train and arrives in London, hoping to get a job in a decent agency and put her talent to good use. Instead, she joins the smallest and most unknown of all agencies- Lockwood and Co. With her two friends, Lockwood and George, they solve many cases, and have many adventures, and make some new friends and allies on the way. They spend a night in the most haunted house of England, find a rare, talking ghost, stop one of the biggest ghost clusters of all time, and more. But underlying it all, they uncover a huge, horrifying conspiracy. One that could endanger the lives of thousands of people……

Lockwood and Co. is a humorous, mystery filled, slightly creepy series, that JUST ISN’T WELL KNOWN ENOUGH! It is a beautiful series that is really refreshing to read, and like, anyone can read this book. It doesn’t really have an age limit, even an adult can read it if they want, or a 9-year-old. It has a really intriguing plot, with great character variations. This is a five-book series, but I kept wishing there were more. This is an incredible, outstanding series that I really love, and everyone should read this! Basically – it’s really good, and there really is nothing negative about. It’s great!

2. Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

Sophie Foster is someone with a big secret – she can read other people’s minds. No one knows that she can do this, or that it is even possible. So it comes as a big surprise when a boy appears at the museum her class is taking a field trip too, and reveals that he can read minds too. How? Because neither of them are human. They are, infact elves with powers, and neither of them belong in the human world. Now, Sophie has to live in the elvin world, and say goodbye to everything she knows and loves in the human world, and stay in a whole new world. However, not everyone wants Sophie there. Sophie and her friends are in big danger, because they are the only ones brave enough to see the flaws in their world. All of them will figure out some jaw dropping secrets and have some action packed adventures, and make a huge difference in the world. But can they do all of this in time? After all, the villains are always one step ahead….

Keeper of the Lost Cities is an amazing book series, and I think everyone should read it. I LOVED this series. Full of detailed descriptions, amazing fight scenes and some really sweet and emotional moments. It has a really nice plot concept, with superb character descriptions. There are eight books in this series. These are some of my favourite books. It was really hard to choose between this series and the Lockwood series, but I liked Lockwood just a tiny bit better. Both are really good though!        I recommend it for 10+.

(P.S – the ninth book is coming out this year! I’m so excited! 😀 )

3. Artemis Fowl By Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl is a child genius and criminal mastermind, who has an unusual obsession. Fairies. He believes in fairies, and is determined to find one, and loot it of its gold, with the help of Butler, who is his faithful bodyguard and….well, butler. Only, these fairies aren’t your typical wish granting fairies who dance around rainbows and sing. They are dangerous, with high tech machinery that humans can’t even dream about, who live under the surface of the Earth, and have, somehow, managed to evade detection for millennia. But not anymore. Artemis Fowl has found them out. Now, Artemis Fowl kidnaps Captain Holly Short, the first female elf in the police department of Recon. In ransom, he wants one metric tonne of gold. A desperate battle commences. And as for who won? No spoilers. But this won’t be the first time the fairies and Artemis meet, as allies or enemies, they have a rollercoaster ride of adventures, like riding a radioactive train across the arctic, breaking into one of the most secure industries on the planet, travelling to the demon dimension and much, much more. But there is something more important than gold –  friendship…….

This lighthearted, action-packed series will captivate the reader. It is really an amazing series, full of humor and adventures. Again – really hard to choose between this and Keeper, both are really good. It is full of adventures with unpredictable endings, and with every twist and turn of the plot, you really can’t tell what will happen next, and that is one of the things that makes it so fun to read! It also really fires your imagination up, and makes you wish you could join them on their adventure. This series has 8 books. I recommend this for 9+.

4. Land of Stories By Chris Colfer

Alex and Connor Bailey are twins – but have different personalities. On their twelfth birthday, their grandma gives them the ‘Land of Stories’ book, that has been in their families for ages. After a few days, they find out something strange – the book glows. And hums. And if you keep something on top of it, it goes inside the book! The twins accidently fall in the book themselves and find…. they are in the Land of Stories! They can see and meet characters they had read about when they were younger, like Snow White, Prince Charming and Goldilocks. But everything is slightly different –  Goldilocks is a fugitive and the Evil Queen is on the loose! And now they only have one way to get home – they need to collect all items of a Wishing Spell. However, they are not the only ones who want it…. Can they reach them in time?
They will have amazing adventures in the fairy tale land, and make lifelong friends with the characters. But as for the ultimate battles, who will win? Can they save the worlds from colliding?….

This is a really funny, fabulous series,with an originality of it’s own, and an beautiful style of writing. It has an intricate, interesting plot line. I really liked this series. Again, no real age rating, any age can read it. It is a laugh out loud, touching book with complex plots, and clever changes in the actual fairy tales. It has delightful characters and great storyline.It is a six-book series. I think even an adult would like it. It’s awesome and engaging, but the last book ended kinda abruptly. But it’s still pretty good.

5.Percy Jackson By Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson is 12-yr-old who is no stranger to trouble. But one very strange thing that happens on a class field trip to a museum takes the cake. His algebra teacher turns into a monster and attacks him. He manages to escape, but then a few days after that, he is on vacation with his mom, when a minotour (a big monster) attacks them, his mom get kidnapped and he finds out that his best friend is part goat. Yippee. You see, he isn’t normal. He is the son of a greek god, Poseidon. The god of the sea, storms and water in general. Now he has to attend a camp called Camp Half Blood, with other kids who are like him, demigods. Percy with the help of his friends, Grover and Annabeth, must complete quests, fight ancient Greek monsters, try not to die and rescue his mother. But there is a danger no one know about, a traitor no one suspects…..
Kronos, the worst titan in greek mythology, is waking up, and soon a great war will happen….

I really liked this series. It took the best aspects of Greek mythology, and blended it with normal, likeable characters, with a lot of humour and A LOT of action. It is a five book series (why?!! 5 books are too less!) and really good for learning more about Greek mythology, but it’s also really fun and original. It’s really good! Also unpredictable plot, but it all ties together nicely at the end. It’s great for 9+. A fabulous story with great characters.

Anime Review- Laputa Castle in the Sky

This review is about the film ‘Laputa – Castle in the Sky’ by Studio Ghibli. It is an outstanding, fabulous movie, which really engages the viewer. It is arguably the first work of Studio Ghibli. It is directed by Hayao Miyazaki, and the music is composed by Joe Hisaishi. Anyway, let me tell you more about it!

13-yr-old Sheeta is an orphan, who is now being taken care by the government. She is on an airship with a government official, when the pilots sound the alarm, that there are air-pirates who want to loot the ship. The pirates get in, and they come after Sheeta. You see, Sheeta has something everyone wants very badly indeed….. It is the crystal on her necklace. Sheeta climbs out of the airship window and hangs on to it for dear life. But then one of the pirates startles her, and she loses her grip and falls into the sky…  She would have fallen to her death, but then her crystal starts glowing, and instead of falling, she is floating down. A 13-yr-old boy named Pazu, who lives in a mining town, sees something glowing and floating down towards his town. He hurries towards that place, and to his astonishment, sees an unconscious girl with a glowing necklace floating down. He manages to catch her before she floats down into the mines, and takes her home. However, now both the government’s army and the pirates are after them. The army captures them both, and effectively capture the crystal. Now the question is, what does the army want with it? Well, a small island exists, floating in the sky, called Laputa. They believe that the crystal will show the way to Laputa. They want to destroy and loot it. Well, the necklace does show the way, and everyone has seen the direction it is pointing to. Pazu and Sheeta team up with the pirates, who aren’t really that bad, and now are caught up in a desperate race against time, to get to Laputa before the army does……

A humorous, action-packed adventure that is both entertaining and heart-warming. Definitely one of the best of Studio Ghibli. All the colour and vibrancy of their films is amazing! The fantastical plot of this movie, paired with relatable, amazing protagonists makes it worth watching. It has delightful animation, which is a little old, but charming. I loved this movie. You will lose track of time as you get immersed in the magical world of this movie. My favourite character was definitely Pazu, because he was so kind. This is my second favourite Ghibli movie. It is adventurous, comic and generally great to watch. There is nothing bad about it. Overall, it is more or less perfect. Great for an evening of light hearted fun. Even the music is beautiful. Joe Hisaishi is an amazing composer, and Hayao Miyazaki an excellent director. The scenes and backgrounds of this movie are detailed and beautiful. Please don’t think it is very kiddish, it isn’t, despite the fact it is animation. It is beautifully depicted, with a good storyline and nice backdrops. I recommend this for ages 7+.

I give this movie 5 stars, it deserves it!