The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl By Stacy McAnulty.

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl
by Stacy McAnulty

This review is about the book ‘The Miscalculations of Lightening Girl’ by Stacy McAnulty. It is amazing. A fabulous story, with an engaging style of writing. A book that will make happy and sad at the same time. It’s beautiful! Anyway, more of that later. The story all began like this….

Lucy Callahan is maths genius. No, seriously. When she was 8 years old, she was struck by lightning. She survived, but it made her a maths genius with strange habits. Lucy has always been home schooled, but now her Nana has decided to send her to… middle school. The seventh grade of East Hamlin Middle School, to be precise. She will be stuck around kids her own age, and now she has to make a friend. Easier said than done. Lucy thinks that going to middle school is a horrible idea. The worst decision ever, in fact. But is it? For some time, things still seem to be going okay. She makes a friend. Two, in fact. Levi and Windy. She even gets invited to sleepovers! But then they get a school project. They have to make a difference in their community. So, they decide to help pets get adopted. They go to a small pet shelter, where they help some dogs get adopted. But then, they fall in love with a terminally ill dog, Cutie Pi, who has cancer. He won’t live long, and because the shelter can’t afford to take care of him, if he doesn’t get adopted, he will be put down by the animal control. Now, they are in a desperate race against time to help Cutie Pi get adopted. But, to top it all off, one of her friends betray her, and soon things are spiralling out of Lucy’s control. Can they fix this mess? Can they save Cutie Pi, and become friends again, all in time?…..

This book is an extremely interesting one, with an excellent storyline that makes it a beautiful book. This isn’t well known enough. You will get lost in this amazing book, which was obviously written with a lot of love. It isn’t a fantastical or sci-fi book, but it has a magic of its own which keeps you hooked to the very last page. A sad but heart-warming book, this is one of my favourite books (which aren’t series). Severely underrated. My favourite character is probably Levi and, of course, Cutie Pi. It is a story that will show you the plight of many shelter dogs, healthy or sick. I loved this book. A lot. I think that this book was awesome, and even those who generally don’t read books will like it. It is a perfect book to read on a rainy day, and one which will not leave you bored. Basically, one damn good book! It’s perfect! I rate this book for 9+.

I give this book 5 stars!