I Really Want a Kitten………

I really really really want a kitten. Like, really want-it-more-than-anything-in-the-universe kind of want. I literally even have dreams about it sometimes, where I have a kitten and I’m always really happy about it. Does that mean that I’m destined to have one? I hope so! But then again – my most recent dream about that is where I have a kitten – who lives in my school lunch box. AND FITS. With A LOT of room to spare. Enough room for me to actually keep my food in there – which I’m pretty sure is what a lunch box is meant for. So anyway – dreams are weird (so maybe I shouldn’t read so much into dreams) but if I could ever have a pet – I’d have a kitten. Not a shih tzu or a parrot or whatever – but a kitten. Mainly because I have met a few cats and they were actually really nice! I know there’s that thing that dogs are really loyal and cats aren’t, but I don’t really feel that’s true. I feel like that’s kind of unfair. I mean – my mom had a cat! And she says that her cat was really sweet and loving! Sure, maybe some cats are “disloyal” or whatever – but I want to find out for myself. (Sorry google – don’t trust you on this).
*google goes quietly crying in the corner*

Also – in all my dreams I always have a kitten, not a dog. (Yeah, maybe I am reading too much into dreams, ;D. ) I’ve personally always liked cats better. But actually, that’s not the issue here. I have been denied of the honour of being a cat owner – or a dog (heh) and now I am on a sacred quest – to convince my parents to let me have a cat. That’s right! It’s pretty much going to be my new year’s resolution for 2022 – that by this time next year, I shall have …… a kittennn!!! (Hopefully).
Well, guess what they said when I asked them? I got a big, solid, in-capital-letters type N.O.
(pretty sure this struggle is relatable by pretty much every pet wanting kid out there) I mean, why can’t I have a pet? I think I’m responsible enough, I mean, I’m 12! I’ll really honest to God look after it forever!! I’ve read a lot of stories about how people’s pets saved their life or changed their life or whatever, and how they are really happy that they bought one, and pets bring happiness. They really make you happy just by playing with you, and they don’t judge you, and like, why not?!
One reason given – too much responsibility. Heh? A pet can’t be more of a responsibility than homework already is?! Okay, yes, well, it probably is, but we can manage that!
Second reason – unnecessary hassle. Unnecessary? Think of the years of happiness it will give us!
Third – When it dies, we’ll be sad. I mean, yes, obviously, but that’s hardly a reason!
Pets love you and accept you whatever you are! They always cheer you up if you feel down.
Even google agrees that kids can take care of pets! (yes – back to trusting google here lol)
My point being – having a pet can make you more responsible and feel better. Yes, they do require a lot of attention and expense, but it is SOOO worth it!
If I ever get a pet – I swear I’ll look after it and I’ll – CAN I JUST HAVE A CAT ALREADY?!

Mission Kitten – Over and Out.
Now, there’s just the slight matter of convincing mom and dad………