Corona virus or COVID-19 has become a nightmare around the world. Originally started in China, it slowly spread across to USA and other countries. It eventually made its way to to India. To ensure safety of our citizens, the government has imposed lock down in the country so as to flatten the curve. Yes, I know, lock down seems horrible….

But is it???

I know you are not able to go to school, see your friends, go to work, go to parks, go outside etc. but if you look at the lock down from another angle it is blessing in disguise.

You must be wondering HOW???

I am the perfect example. Me and my family have been able to spend more time with each other. We are learning more about each other and our bond is getting stronger.It is the perfect time to learn and use technology in our lives. Be it video calling with friends, online classes, online tests etc in the comfort of our homes!

It is also great time to start new hobbies, spend more time with your pets. Who knows may be you are amazing a t playing violin or brilliant at painting but never tried it due to your busy schedule.. This is the the perfect time for all your creativity to come out! I am learning more songs on my key board.

In case, you are still thinking that the lock down is horrible, well you are healthy and happy. There are lot many sick people in the hospital struggling to fight this disease and you are lucky enough not to be one of them.

We are all in the same boat.We are all stuck at home. So I implore you that do not waste this time. It will not come again.

May God bless us all. and may we be happy , healthy and wise.

In the end i’d like to thank all the doctors, paramedics, Police and all those who are out there performing their jobs in these difficult times. Also i’d like to pray for the migrants who are on the roads to reach safely to their homes.