Keeper of the Lost Cities #Book-7 By Shannon Messenger.

Keeper of the Lost Cities #7 – Flashback
by Shannon Messenger

This review is about the 7th book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Flashback. It is an awesome book in a fabulous series. It has a great plot concept and nice style of writing. I really like this series, especially this book. Well, anyways, it all happened like this……

After Alvar Vacker (a traitor and murderer) was captured during the raid on the facility of Nightfall, he has lost his memories, and now has to be sentenced for his involvement in the rebel group Neverseen’s plans. The final verdict – Alvar will return to his family’s home Everglen on house arrest for some months. However, not everyone feels that this is a wise decision, especially few from his family. Whether this is a mistake or not, remains to be seen. A few days later, Sophie and Fitz are attacked by the members of the Neverseen, but they managed to escape but just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, not without injuries. They were hurt by a mysterious shadowy weapon called Shadowflux, and it will take them a while to recover. They need to learn more about this shadow force, and now they are even more determined to foil the Neverseen’s plans, but the problem is that they never seem to realize their plans until it is too late. So, time to be more vigilant. Time to rearrange their priorities, to keep an eye on their enemies, old and new. Time to defend themselves from the Neverseen’s attacks. Maybe even talk to old enemies.
Now, with the alicorn babies (the last of their kind) in grave danger, and an attack on Everglen with some bloodthirsty trolls, can they save everyone they love? Another betrayal and sacrifice follow……

Join Sophie and her friends on their quest to save their world……

This book is even better than the previous books in this series, with its extremely dangerous climax and an ending cliff-hanger. Shannon Messenger is an amazing writer who can make you feel like you are in the character’s shoes yourself. A fantastic book in an amazing series. I really loved this book. It has amazing descriptions, adventure filled situations and touching moments. An imaginative, fantastical series that will leave you wishing for the next book. With its beautiful, touching style of writing, it captures the attention of book lovers. I think that this is one of the best series I have ever read. My favourite characters in this book were probably Elwin and Dex. This series is really good for those who liked Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle and Percy Jackson. It is incredible, one of a kind and an outstanding series in general. I rate this book for 10+. Its genre is fantasy/adventure. I found this the best book in the series, it is really action packed!
With its great plot and characters, an excellent book.
I give it 5 stars!

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