Artemis Fowl : Book 1 By Eoin Colfer


Hey friends! So today I am gonna be talking about Artemis Fowl..Book no.1. Earlier I never read it because I was always hooked on to Percy Jackson series, and i always thought that Artemis fowl can’t be as interesting as Percy Jackson. Boy , I was so wrong. I always knew it to be a popular series, but I never read it some how and this lock down gave me this opportunity to read it and i  am so glad that I did. I am really chiding myself for not reading it earlier. But hey enough talk, let’s get on with the story…

Artemis Fowl, the protagonist, is a child genius with the highest tested IQ in all of Europe. He has descended from a long line of criminal masterminds, The Fowls. His Mother, Angeline Fowl had become slightly eccentric after her husband’s disappearance in Russia. He wants to restore the family fortune, and he wants to do it in his own unique way. He believes that the fairies and spirits do exist and he is obsessed with finding them and their fortune. To obtain gold, Artemis acquires the book called ” The Fairy Bible” to know all about them. He then kidnaps an Elf, Holly Short, the first female police officer in the fairy police for a ransom.

To get hold of the Gold, he and Butler ( who helped him in the kidnapping) have to overcome trolls,bombs, Commanders with anger management issue & many other things.

In between, Artemis conscience keeps on nagging him whether he has done the right thing in kidnapping an Elf… Will Artemis get the Gold and at what price? Well, I am not gonna tell you!

Go on , grab a copy and enjoy this roller coaster ride of drama, action and lots of fun.

I like this book because the story is unlike any other book i have read in the past. Some books can be really predictable, but in this book you can never tell what’s gonna happen next.  The author has described the situations in such great detail that you can visualize the entire scene completely in your mind. It is jam packed with twists and turns and subtle traces of humour. If you want to read a story, with characters such as a Tech-Wiz Centuar or a tunneling dwarf or a strong spirited brave police officer then this book is for you. I am gonna read the rest of series too and hopefully write a blog about them. Till then Ciao!!

4 thoughts on “Artemis Fowl : Book 1 By Eoin Colfer

  1. Rajesh

    Dear Kavya ..just read your book review for Artemis Fowl…it is bubbling with all the bubbles of excitement,joy,fun, surprise and discovery that I surely missed to burst and create when I was your age…the magic of reading surely should be every kid’s natural have written an excellent review.. literally given out enough about the book to make every one grab hold of the book to find out nice a young reader wanting to inspire others of her generation to discover the thrill of reading…carryon the good work.all the best for more.


    1. Sneha

      Dear kavya, I just recently got to know bout your blogs and let me just say that your love and passion for reading really inspires me to make reading a primary habit of’s so heartwarming to see young minds like yours, getting yourselves involved in such a productive activity..I wish I had such deep passion for reading like you..your blogs are very impressive and interesting..hope to read more from you..keep up the hardwork..and unleash your creativeness out on this page like you always do..all the very best for the future..


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